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DeCapybara (Decaf) 12oz Bag

DeCapybara (Decaf) 12oz Bag



After a long day, you sit back and relax, enjoying a light, sweet decaf. The light and playful taste of the coffee puts you in a joyful mood. Closing your eyes, each sip brings you further into a sense of light relaxation, and brings to your imagination yourself playing in the sun with a herd of carefree Capybaras. One comes up to you and gently whispers in your ear, “God is proud of who you’ve become!” He’s right… You have overcome so much and stepped into your role as God’s mighty warrior by the power of His strength. You continue celebrating your life victories while frolicking with the wise capybara until your empty mug brings you back to reality… but since it’s decaf, you have no worries with filling up your mug again. There’s nothing like the De-stress of the DeCap-ybara!

The "DeCapybara" is a smooth, creamy decaf blend with a hint of dark chocolate. Each bag is personally autographed by Jesse Bless and roasted fresh to order!

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