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About Me!


My name is Jesse Bless and I am a singer/songwriter/producer/

DJ/youtuber/Jesusfreak/etc. I started experimenting with music production when I was 15 years old, and eventually began to write and create my own music. I am now sprinting towards the dream of becoming a full-time musician/influencer while living near St. Ansgar Iowa. Thank you for your support!

My Mission:


“Sure, a lot of people may care about me, but care and love are two different things. I would care if someone hurt a stranger on the street, but that doesn’t mean they were someone I loved. So, yeah, I know people care about me, but I don’t know if I’m actually loved.” This was a statement I heard while talking with a 12 year old boy...

The day after this conversation I couldn't help but to be angry at the world and even a little at God. It just wasn't fair. Why was it that I had the privilege to grow up in a loving, nurturing home while other innocent children have experienced and been trapped by such a crippling darkness? My heart was not ok with seeing that level of pain in a child, but instead of just sitting back and letting darkness have the victory, God told me to do something about it.

Yes darkness exists. Yes, it affects us. Yes, it hurts. Yes, sometimes it is so strong that we question if there even is any light… but yet we do not have to be afraid of it. Why? Because at the same time, God’s light is already here, and it has victory over every darkness. Even as the darkness SCREAMS, we can rest in the fact that it has NO authority over the freedom and identity we have in Christ Jesus.

So many people in our world today are trapped in darkness and do not know of this light, and after looking into the tear filled eyes of children trapped in this darkness, you better believe that I will do EVERYTHING I CAN to let others get a glimpse of this freeing light. Due to living in a fallen world, there are so many things that are not ok and we cannot accept, and it takes everyone of us who have received a calling from God to raise our hands and say, "Here I am! I will go LORD! Use ME!"

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