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Cup of Blessings (Medium Roast) 12oz Bag

Cup of Blessings (Medium Roast) 12oz Bag


Your alarm screams… how can it be morning already? After a rough week and feeling burnt out, the last thing you want to do is roll out of that bed. You don’t want to face work, people, responsibilities, or deadlines… is that really all life is? But then, a familiar smell wafts past your nose… Someone made your favorite coffee! You finally muster up the strength to get out of bed and there it is on the table waiting for you… your “Cup of Blessings.” Taking your first sip, you are reminded of how blessed you truly are as the warmth fills your soul and that taste of a perfect roast lingers in your mouth. You remember that sure, even though life has been a battle lately, you have a loving father who truly wants the best for you and will strengthen you. Finishing the last gulp, you feel a renewed sense of hope and positivity. Thanks to your “Cup of Blessings” you were able to “Bless Up” and take on a new day as the person you were created to be!

The "Cup of Blessings" is a sweet, chocolaty, nutty, medium roast coffee that is the perfect choice to step up your traditional coffee. Each bag is personally autographed by Jesse Bless and roasted fresh.

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